Dusting off my suitcases.

Don’t Make Me Chase You! Leave my luggage alone!

With just over 1 week until I leave, it is time to dust off my suitcases and check that they look OK and ready to travel. If I should need to replace any of them, I still have time.
I only travel with one checked suitcase and one carry-on suitcase + my handbag for this trip. The reason is that it is a low budget trip where the flight ticket only allows for 1 checked suitcase. Since I’m an overpacker AND a photographer, this sounds like fun, right? 16 days in Norway, and I’m only allowed one real suitcase..oh my! I already got the rough plan ready. All expensive camera equipment goes of course in the carry-on bag, everything early replaceable goes in checked in luggage. I always try to keep one set of clothes in my carry-on in case my checked luggage gets delayed or disappears. I’ve had my suitcase being delayed once before on these trips, and it wasn’t that fun. But it did show back up and everything went well. But you never know.

Isn’t this the cutes, little thing ever…?

I’ve got a new tripod for this trip that I’m very excited to try out. It’s a Dolica TS570DS, it only weighs about 2.5 pounds and folds to the amazing size of about 12.5 inches. It’s supposed to hold up to 15 lbs weight and extend to 57 inches. It can also be converted to a monopod if needed. Sounds amazing, yet to see if it works out as good as it sounds. My camera is a Canon 7D, not among the heaviest but still a decent weight to put on a itsy bitsy tripod. It this tripod holds my camera well and perform beautifully on the trip to Norway, it might just be my new travel tripod (or my first…My old tripod is NOT a travel tripod, but a fantastic tripod for still-life, headshot and everything else where weight and size is not a concern.

It’s going to be exciting to see how this cute, little thing performs.

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