My Norway

The Kings castle in Oslo.

Last time I was home, I went on a “road trip” with my parets. From the western part of Norway we drove to the eastern part, Lillehammer. Then we took the train from Lillehammer to Oslo, stayed a few days in Oslo before taking the train to Trondheim and a few days later back to Lillehammer and then we drove back home. This was a great trip, and I so wish I had this blog up and running for that trip. But some flashbacks might happen later.

Do I plan on doing a road trip in Norway this time? No, this time I do not really have a plan. Whatever happens happens, but most likely I’ll just explore my home village, hometown and the area around. It is fall in Norway now, and the weather can change a lot. Sometimes fall is a beautiful celebration in colors, nice and warm, other times it is just a gray rain cloud going by…other times again we just skip fall and jump directly to winter.

Torgallmenningen, Bergen.

I also look forward seeing Bergen again. Even though it isn’t my home city, it is very close to my heart. Growing up this was the favorite trip for the whole family, and we went there many times a year. My dad always used to say that you had to “feel Bergen in your legs” before he was truly happy with the visit.

Bryggen in Bergen.

One of the most iconic places in Bergen is probably the harbor with all the tiny, colorful old tree houses. It is a sight that makes me happy, but funny enough it is NOT what I associate most with Bergen. Bergen is mountains, sea, loud people, colors, Floyen (a mountaintop with a 850-meter-long electric cable funicular that pull two wagons between Fløyen and the station at Vetrlidsallmenningen in Bergen city centre.), boats, ponds, fountains, churches and beautiful small park areas. Not to forget the Aquarium! And very often Bergen is also umbrellas, raincoats and a rain that never seems to stop. Luckily there ARE nice days too, but Bergen is known for it’s rainy days, not it’s sunny ones.


Bergen also have a fish market by the harbor where you find fish, crabs and other seafood as fresh as fresh can be. Over is a picture of one of the many fish tanks you can find with live seafood. In this particular one you find King Crabs. As you see, these are popular among both tourists and locals. Now, I’m no seafood person so I enjoy looking but do not shop on this market. Yes, I know…not typical Norwegian to not like seafood, but hey…I grew up on a sheep farm.

To get to my home city from Bergen, I travel by boat.

My favorite part of the trip home is the boat trip. It takes about 3,5 hour with a fast passenger boat and we travel between islands, fjords, open sea and narrow areas. Boats and the sea has always been close to my heart, but I do easily get sick on boats so I always hope for nice weather… The boat I travel with is catamaran type passenger boat that takes around 300 passengers and get up to speeds at around 35 knots and looks like the picture below. Pretty comfortable boats as long as the weather is decent.

M/S Vingtor, picture taken from webpage for illustration purpose.

And then we have my home city Florø, a cute litte town by the sea that I will come back to later in this blog.
Lastly we got my home valley, where the featured image is from (if it doesn’t show bow, click home button and you’ll see a big image on my front page). My home valley is a beautiful, western cast valley with few people but loads of nature. Tall mountains, several lakes and a fjord.

Beautiful light, tall mountains and water.

The picture above is taken from my parents property and facing up the valley. It is a nature paradise, and also a mosquito and bug paradise. So always remember the bug spray! But well worth it for a few minutes of awwww and ahhhh.

So, that is a little bit about my Norway. I did jump the horse a bit, though…cause…do you know where Norway actually are…? No? Sorry, as being a Norwegian we always automatically assume everyone knows where tiny Norway are, but of course that is not true. Norway is a tiny country close to Russia, England, Sweden, Finland and Danmark. Still not sure? I’ll help you out with this map:

That’s Norway, the red thing in the middle of the map.

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