Two wallets and two phones…why?

The old Strynefjells road, between east and west Norway. Only open in the summer.

When I travel to Norway I travel with one US phone and wallet and one Norwegian phone and wallet. Is this necessary? No, but it makes things easier, especially since I travel to Norway regular. My Norwegian phone is the old phone I used to have when I was living in Norway. I’ve switched it over to a subscription where I “fill it” with as much cash I feel like, then use it until it is empty and just refill whenever I need to. It doesn’t cost any money when I don’t use it and is very convenient since I know exactly how much money I use and don’t get any surprise bills when I get home. I use Telenor as my Norwegian carrier, I’ve pretty much always used them. Old habit and all that, but they are also one of the worlds leading carrier companies with around 211 million customers, 160 years of history and they operates in 13 countries. This makes me feel pretty safe using them, knowing that they also cooperates with several other carriers around the world.

Don’t spend time on travel to reorganize things, spend it enjoying the views instead.

In USA I use Verizon, much from the same reasons. It feels safe to use a big company, less likely I’m going to be out of service or something like that. And if I ever should need to use my US phone in other countries, they also cooperates with several other carriers, among others Telenor. If you’ve read the news lately, you probably has seen Verizon’s name mentioned a few times at the same time as data overage. There has been many complaints that data has been used when the phones owner either has been sleeping or not using the phone at all. I also noticed a sudden spike in data usage around April / May this year, it went up quite extreme, and I NEVER use a lot of data. So what I did was to go to settings on my phone, then data usage, I clicked on that little meny inside data usage (sometimes it is a own button, on my phone it is 3 vertical dots in upper corner, showing it is something there.) In that menu (or sometimes on top or bottom of the data usage screen) you have a option called “Restrict background data”. I activated it, and since then I’ve barely used data, think I’m at around 0.1MB or something like that right now, over halfway into this plan period. So if you got sudden data usage problem, try this out and see if it works.


Norwegian and American money, side by side.

Ok, so that was a huge sidestep. Back to my two wallets. So we get the phones, it’s practical and economical. But what about this two wallets thingy? Well, it is again practical. You do not really want to mix two different currencies and you also want a place to keep the things you do not need at that time. So two wallets makes sense to me. In my Norwegian wallet I keep the Norwegian money, credit cards, my Norwegian driver license and everything else I may need While I’m in Norway. In my American wallet I keep the money and cards I need in USA. So on the plane to Copenhagen (my plane do not go directly to Norway) I simply switch the phones and wallets around, keeping the ones I won’t use for a while in a safe spot. And I’m ready for Scandinavia!

This is in my eyes simple and the best way of doing it since I travel to Norway regular. The wallet part should make sense for most people that travels, but the phone part is more if you travel to a specific country regular. Keeping one phone for each country you travel to might be very messy after a while…

My home valley in the winter. Norway is stunning all year around.

So I’m getting closer to my travel date, and I have to say I’m getting excited. I look forward to seeing my family, my home country and to use my Norwegian language again. I also enjoys the travel itself, even though the 8+ hour plane ride can be a bit long sometimes, especially since I do not sleep well on planes. My bags are pulled out and dusted off, I’ve started to put together the things I need and I’m so far on schedule.


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