Bergen, beautiful Bergen.

Bergen seen from Fløyen.

So I made it to Bergen. I was actually going to write a post earlier, but life took a turn and family always comes first. However, now things have calmed down and I have time to update the blog.

Bergen is one of my favorite cities, growing up we visited this city often and it feels like my second home city.

Galleriet, shopping center in the heart of Bergen.

Bergen is a really nice city to walk around in. A nice mixture of stores, harbor, mountains, sea, boats, old and new buildings, parks, ponds and life in general. It’s just generally a cool city to walk in. They also got nice city trains going from downtown towards the airport. Eventually it will go all the way to the airport, but for now they are working on it and I believe it ends around 15mins drive from the airport.

Nachos at Egon in Bergen.

I had to stop by one of my favorite places for lunch. Egon is a chain restaurant with pretty good food. You find your own table, figure out what you want to eat, pay attention to your table number and walks over to the bar to order your food and pay at the same time. Sit down to wait for your food, eat and leave whenever you feel like it. Nice and easy.

The harbor right by the fish market in Bergen.

Of course, I had to look for a new Troll in Bergen, and I found him! Walking back and forth along the harbor, I suddenly spotter him, caught him and hurried home before he could escape. He was trying to escape on the city train, but got stuck in a chewing gum piece…

My new troll from Bergen.

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