I fell off the track…

My home city in Norway

But luckily I’m back on track now. Got a bit busy around my Norway trip and then catching up with school and work. So I’m going to share some Norway pictures in my blog the coming days. But right now, just to say sorry that I abandoned my little blog, I’ll share a small adventure I had just a week or so after I came back from Norway. I was walking around with my camera in a park close by when I suddenly saw a hawk landing on the ground. So I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures before realizing that I had to film this amazing experience. Not only did I see one hawk very close up, but another one came to battle him for the food! And then, as the icing on the cake, a badass squirrel closed the deal!

This is my first time using Premiere to edit video, I’m more a Photoshop and DSLR kind of person. But I really enjoyed making a small video, and actually already have started to edit a new one. I’ll post the new one on my blog as soon as it is done.
For now, have a look at the hawks and the little squirrel, and I would be happy for any feedback.



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