About Me


I’m a farm girl from the western part of Norway. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and loves to travel around USA on small or bigger trips. Mostly I enjoy the small day trips or maybe a two day trip as often as possible. But every now and then I’ll go on a longer trip like to New Orleans or Florida. Every year I try to take a trip home to visit my family, and that one is the biggest trip of them all. On these pages I will focus on the yearly Norway trips, the preparation for it and the after effect after it and everything in between. On this blog most pictures will be taken with my smartphone. Every now and then I might show some from my Canon 7D. But most of the DSLR pictures will be found at this page: annsol.com

That page will be updated and in not too long you will be able to buy pictures directly from that page. I will make a blog post about that part when I get it fixed. For now my main focus is the big trip to Norway and my family for this year.


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